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Tingling, numbing pain that radiates from your lower back and into your legs can range from mild to debilitating. When this pain persists, seek expert chiropractic and wellness care from Dr. Phil McCary at Laurelhurst Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon. He helps you find the root cause of your sciatic pain and works with you to stop it from interfering with your daily life. If you live in the Portland area and suffer from sciatic pain, contact the office to make an appointment or use the online booking agent.

Sciatica Q & A

What is sciatica?

Sciatica is usually a symptom, not a medical diagnosis. It describes leg pain that usually starts in your low back or buttocks and travels down the back of each leg. It may even radiate into your feet and toes.

What causes sciatica?

Sciatica refers to a pinched sciatic nerve. This large nerve is located in the lower back and runs down the back of each of your legs. Pain occurs when you experience compression of the nerve due to an accident, a tight piriformis muscle, a disc herniation, poor posture, or degenerative disc disease.

What are the symptoms of sciatica?

The symptoms associated with sciatica include:

  • Dull, nagging, tingling, or numbing pain in one side of your buttock or leg (rarely in both legs simultaneously)
  • Pain that intensifies when sitting
  • Numbness or pain spreading through your upper leg and sometimes into your foot and toes
  • Sharp, shooting pain, particularly when standing up from a seated position or changing the position of the body
  • Weakness in the affected leg
  • Pins-and-needles sensation in the leg and lower back

How do you treat sciatica?

At Laurelhurst Chiropractic, Dr. McCary provides sciatica treatment options after confirming the problem and clarifying the severity of your discomfort. Once he’s determined the source of your sciatic nerve compression, he uses decompression therapy to reduce the pressure on the nerve.

He may also apply spinal adjustments that realign the spine for optimal function and support. You may need several treatments to fully reduce the pressure on the spine and alleviate your symptoms.

You also receive education about how to manage your pain as you recover with chiropractic therapy. Dr. McCary may also recommend you pursue massage therapy to improve your healing.

How long does it take to recover from sciatica?

Your healing time depends on the cause of the compression of your sciatic nerve. The team at Laurelhurst Chiropractic helps you manage symptoms and regain as much daily function as possible as you heal and recover. Once the compression of the nerve is released, your body heals naturally. How long this takes depends on the severity of your symptoms and the cause of the pressure.